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Minor Aliments Scheme

Care at the Chemist  Minor Ailments Scheme 
You don't need to wait to see your doctor as you can get advice and treatment from our Pharmacy, if you are suffering from any one of the conditions listed below:
 •  Allergies
 •  Bites & Stings
 •  Athletes Foot
 •  Cold Sores
 •  Conjunctivitis
 •  Constipation
 •  Cough/Cold/Sneezing / Diarrhoea
 •  Hay Fever
 •  Head Lice Headache
 •  Temperature
 •  Fever
 •  Indigestion
 •  Heartburn / Mouth Ulcers
 •  Nappy Rash
 •  Nasal Congestion
 •  Sore Throat
 •  Teething
 •  Threadworms
 •  Vaginal Thrush

What do I do?
Visit your surgery who will provide you with a passbook. The passbook allows 6 visits to your pharmacist if you are suffering from any of the minor ailments in the scheme Your pharmacist will request your evidence of registration with your GP. This can be the passbook you have received or a Repeat Prescription form. When the Pharmacist has confirmed your eligibility you will be asked questions on your symptoms and your current medication.  Important Your community pharmacy is providing treatment and/ or advice under the minor ailments scheme in line with your presenting symptoms. If your symptoms persist you should seek advice from your GP. You will not always need medication You may not always need medication, if this is the case the pharmacy staff will give you advice on how best to deal with your symptoms. If you are given medication it is only for you and not to be passed to anyone else. You will be required to sign a form and show evidence of your exemption like you do on a doctor's prescription. 

Can I go to any of your pharmacies?
If you require further information or want to speak to one of our Pharmacist feel free to call us on +44 1632 960575 ( option 4 )

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