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Diabetes Screening

We can give you a blood glucose result at a cost of £15 to determine whether you have diabetes, and provide you with a written report to take to your GP
There are over two million people in the UK suffering from diabetes - many of whom are unaware they have the condition. Below you will find tips and advice on what to look out for and how to manage if you are affected. All you need to do is call us, or complete the form below to book an appointment.

Why is it important for diabetes to be diagnosed early?
Large amounts of glucose in the body and even a mildly raised glucose level that does not cause any symptoms can have damaging effects in the long term, including:

 •  Heart disease and stroke
 •  Nerve damage
 •  Damage to the retina at the back of the eye
 •  Kidney disease
 •  Foot problems
 •  Erection problems in men
 •  Miscarriage and stillbirth
 •  Diabetic ketoacidosis, can lead to unconsciousness and even death.

You can have your Blood glucose checked at any of our branches and you will also be provided with a written report outlining your results. To book an appointment, simply call your local branch or complete the form below. The cost is £15 per test, and for £30 we can carry out a full Cardiovascular Health check which includes Cholesterol levels, Blood Glucose, Blood pressure and your Body Mass Index (height and weight). You would be provided with a written report of all these results. that can be taken to your GP. All you need to do is call us, or complete the form below to book an appointment.

What is diabetes?


Risk factors

Raised blood glucose levels

Diabetes and diet

If you require further information or want to speak to one of our Pharmacist feel free to call us on 02476-404177 (option 4).
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