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Emergency Contraception

If you’ve had unprotected sex in the last 72 hours then you can use emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy. It is available from our Pharmacy .Just ask any of our staff for further information.

The reasons for unprotected sex may include:
 •  Not using any form of contraception
 •  Failure of barrier contraception, such as a burst condom
 •  Missed pills – leading to a loss of protection from your contraceptive pill
 •  Antibiotics or other medicines / supplements may make the contraceptive pill less effective
Emergency hormonal contraception contains levonorgestrel and is taken as a single pill.

It can work in a number of ways:
 •  Delaying the release of an egg (ovulation)
 •  Preventing fertilisation
 •  Stopping a fertilised egg from settling in your womb

Side Effects
There have been no serious or long-term effects noted from the use of the morning after pill, however some women have noticed:          
 •  Feeling sick          
 •  Feeling tired           
 •  Stomach pains           
 •  Some irregular bleeding before their next period         
 •  Your next period can be lighter/darker than normal, and can come earlier or later
If you are sick within three hours of taking the pill, you can return to the pharmacy where you will be provided with another pill. This will ensure that the treatment is still effective.      

Sexually Transmitted Infections
It is important to note that EHC does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Only barrier methods, such as condoms, can protect you from catching an STI. If you have any concerns that you may be at risk of contracting an STI, you are encouraged to visit your local sexual health clinic for screening. There is a high incidence of some STIs, such as Chlamydia, in younger age groups. We provide a Chlamydia screening and treatment service. For more information please follow the link on the home page, via the free services menu.           

For further information you can visit the website below, or you can come into one of our branches, where a member of staff would be happy to discuss any concerns you have.
NHS CHOICES website: emergency contraceptive pill           
If you require further information or need to call us on 02476-404177 (option 4) and we will be only to happy to help.Remember this phone number is available 24 hours a day for your prescription requests also(option 1)
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