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Repeat Dispensing Service

Repeat Dispensing Scheme is a national scheme set up by the NHS whereby patients who have stable conditions and receive regular medicines can have better access to their repeat prescriptions.

At participating surgeries your doctor produces a batch of prescriptions with up to a six months worth of medicines. We collect the batch and keep this in the pharmacy, we can then dispense your medicines as and when you require them for up to 6 months.

Simply phone us when you are running low on your medicines and we will have your medicines ready for you by the next day.
Your doctor will still want to see you regularly, usually at the end of each batch of prescriptions.To make their consultation easier , we will also routinely carry out a medicines review for you. This is to make sure your medicines are still suitable for you and that your condition remains stable. If when you go see your doctor for a checkup they are satisfied that it is safe to do so they will issue another batch of prescriptions and the cycle continues.
What to do next...

Not all doctors are providing the repeat dispensing service. We recommend you ask us in the pharmacy about the service so we can give you one of our leaflets to take to your doctor's surgery.
Or you could speak to your doctors surgery and ask if they're taking part, if so then ask to be put on the scheme.

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